Trips and Days Out in the Algarve

Make a trip to Conserveira Do Arade, the last remaining fish cannery in the western Algarve, a small, artisanal sardine business outside of Portimão that started operations in 2015. Dedicated to maintaining the original handcraft of making superb sardines, they have merged innovation and tradition by employing their own 100 percent handmade techniques that draw inspiration from the past. They use sardines, tuna, mackerel, and other seafood to handcraft their gourmet delicacies. 

You will discover the difference between an inexpensive and high-quality sardine during this guided trip. A variety of flavoured sardines and “petiscadas,” or shredded fish with vegetables and Algarve spices preserved in glass jars, will be available for you to sample later. These dishes are a true representation of Algarvian flavours and customs. A typical tour lasts about fifty minutes and begins in the morning.